Daventry Area Community Transport (DACT)

DACT is a Registered Charity, No:-  1170448

DACT is a member of the CTA, our National body for Community Transport                          



Daventry Area Community Transport (DACT) was set up in 1993 to provide community transport services to the Daventry District. The district covers more than 250 square miles and is made up of the historic market town of Daventry, and 78 villages. 

The latest figures give a district population of about 79,000, with approximately 25,000 living in Daventry town itself. DACT is the main provider of community transport and mobility services in the district. This is a huge challenge for the DACT team and its many volunteers to provide the services we offer.    

Community transport schemes vary across the country but the basic philosophy is the same, which is to provide transport services to those individuals or groups in the community that need support. Community Transport can provide door-to-door transport to people in local communities who can't use mainstream public transport allowing them to access work, training and social activities.

However, we now provide many more transport and mobility services in the local community, including offering volunteering opportunities across all of our service areas.  

We are an organisation wholly supported by grants, donations and the dedication of our volunteers. Consequently, we are able to provide some of our important services at costs substantially less than most alternative forms of fare paying transport.

Current Statistics about DACT (Year 2016/17) We have  

170 volunteers working across the whole organisation have worked 59,719 hours between them


Volunteer drivers have taken 29,814 minibus passenger trips and 15,296 car passenger trips to medical appointments.  

During this year our volunteer drivers have travelled 283,722 miles, the equivalent of 12 times around the world!

DACT have also provided mobility scooters and wheelchairs for 5,698 passenger trips……..