Thank you

To everyone who has supported DACT over the years, in whatever way.  Your generosity and continuous support, genuinely does make a difference to the lives of those people who access our services. 

How you can support DACT Services 
DACT is a Registered Charity - No:- 1170448.   We rely primarily on grants and donations to fund administration costs and capital expenditure.  To date we have received terrific support from individuals, groups, organisations, councils and private business. This has enabled us to grow all areas of DACT, allowing us to expand our services to an ever increasing number of individuals and groups across the Daventry District.

In the current economic climate we expect funding through Council grants to reduce significantly. This has the real potential to impact on the quality and range of services that DACT currently provides.  With grants reducing, other forms of funding will be vitally important to us. The following are some ways in which the community currently help to fund DACT.

·        Donations

·        Sponsorship

·        Legacy Giving

·        Other Funding
·     Mobility Aids

We receive donations from many different sources ranging from an individual who gives a one-off amount, through to groups that organise coffee mornings and other fund raising events. In addition we have local clubs or organisations that nominate us as their chosen charity for the year.

Gift Aid is a tax-efficient way of giving to DACT. This allows us to collect tax back from the government. We already have a regular group of people who donate to DACT using Gift Aid. Gift Aid forms are available on request and are also included in our July & December Newsletters sent out to all of our car passengers and shopmobility users.

DACT are able to receive donations via PayPal or by Credit/Debit Card.  Please click on the donate button on our donations page to follow the link.

Sponsorship is given by a number of local businesses and organisations. This is in the form of seat sponsorship in the DACT minibuses. It costs £100 a year to sponsor a seat ( an A4 size advertisement) in the bus which a potential 20,000 people could read in any one year
Legacy Giving 
This is a very sensitive subject as the circumstances around receiving Legacy gifts are sadly as a result of someone’s loss. We understand this sensitivity and because we tend to build a rapport with many of the people that use our services we often share the sense of loss. However, we are honoured and very appreciative if any of these people feel that they would like to provide some form of Legacy gift to DACT in their Will. For information on Legacy Giving please call our Office and request an information leaflet.

Other funding
We are constantly completing applications for Grants from organisations such as the Big Lottery Fund and other grant-making trusts. We have to get used to rejections when applying for grants, but we do have our successes which makes it all worthwhile. If you know of any organisation that we could approach for potential funding please let us know. 

Mobility Aids
Donations to DACT are mainly monetary but we do also receive donations of equipment that can be used or resold through DACT Mobility – eg Mobility Scooters, Stair Lifts, Wheelchairs, Walking Frames etc.


If you are interested in supporting DACT in any way
please give us a call on 01327 701665
we will be happy to speak to you.