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Posted by Rod Murchison on 01/11/2017

I have just returned from my second visit to Northampton General Hospital in two days. I cannot tell you how grateful I am for the brilliant service that I received. Ron and Cliff were superb and I do not know how I would have found the right departments without them. Thank you all so much for your hard work and dedication. God bless R.M.

Posted by Muriel Bradshaw on 18/10/2017

First let me thank all the brilliant people that make DACT happen - its a wonderful thing. We are very lucky to have such a service here in Daventry. Secondly, thank you for making my 80th birthday very happy. Chocs and 'Happy birthday' sung to me on the DACT Days Out trip - it was very special. Usually I stay home and shout at the telly but this year I was determined to celebrate and I couldn't have wished for a nicer way to mark the day. I enjoyed it so much. Once again thank you to our lovely driver and everyone for making DACT possible. Muriel Bradshaw.

Posted by Rob Kinning on 07/04/2017

27/01/17 Please accept this donation of £115. My Mum recently passed away and DACT was my chosen Charity for donations. Mum & myself have always been extremely grateful to all of your wonderful staff and drivers in helping her get to appointments and also the kindness and patience shown to her. Thank you all so very much. Jane H

Posted by Rob Kinning on 07/04/2017

30/01/17 Daventry & District Flower Club. I'm writing to enclose £148 as a donation to the excellent work carried out by DACT. It is lovely to know that the products made by our members activities will benefit such a deserving cause. Sue W

Posted by Rob Kinning on 07/04/2017

Card from Shirley C Dec 2016. I would like to send my very best wishes for Christmas & The New Year to all the staff abd drivers who have done so much to help me during the past year. A huge thank you. Shirley

Posted by Rob Kinning on 07/04/2017

Card Dec 2016. To everyone at DACT especially Rosemary, Debbie & Martyn and all your winderful drivers, especially Jane, Ann, Bernie & Graham. Thank you all so much for all your help and patience.

Posted by Rob Kinning on 07/04/2017

Card Dec 2016. Thank you for all your help in 2016. What would I do without you. Mavis

Posted by Rob Kinning on 07/04/2017

Card from Edna - Dec 16. Sincere and grateful thanks for the wonderful service you give. I for one would be lost without you. Enjoy the cake! You are super. Edna Austin

Posted by Rob Kinning on 07/04/2017

Card Dec 2016. Many thanks for your wonderful service. Rose & Ray

Posted by Rob Kinning on 07/04/2017

Card from EH - Dec 2016. I could never manage without your help. Thank you so much. Elizabeth H

Posted by D W's family on 08/06/2016

Please find enclosed a donation of £520 in memory of DW. David passed away in hospital on 30th April surrounded by his family. D and H have frequently used DACT's services when going to hospital appointments in Northampton. D & H's home in S means that journeys to the hospital can present an added difficulty. Having DACT meant that D didn't have to worry about H driving long distances. It also meant that H could focus on D and that the family didn't have to worry as much about both of them. In essence, DACT made a challenging time for D and his family a little bit easier. We are all very grateful. H often talks about how friendly and professional the DACT drivers are. They deserve special thanks for giving up their time so graciously. We ask that you accept this donation to assist your good work helping patients and their families. Thank you for all the support you have offered us during the last few months. D W's family.

Posted by Mrs Annie Houghton on 03/02/2016

As a regular user of the DACT Bus I feel I must give my opinion of the service. Drayton area in Daventry has no bus bus so we all we can rely on is the Tuesday & Friday DACT Dial a Ride service which is invaluable to us older folk. A real god-send. As for the service it is absolutely 1st class +. Drivers and all volunteers are marvellous. I don't know what we would do without it. Mrs Houghton

Posted by Margaret Griffiths on 06/01/2016

To all the DACT volunteer drivers, thank you for a great service and for your loyalty to all your customers. Well done. Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year. Margaret

Posted by Elizabeth Hancox on 06/01/2016

To the lovely staff at DACT and all the volunteer drivers - I could not manage without you. Thank you so very much. Sincere greetings to you all. God Bless

Posted by Joy Hurst on 05/01/2016

With thanks for all your wonderful help in 2015. Special thanks to Martyn, Rosemary & Debby. With very best wishes for 2016. Joy

Posted by Robin Smith on 05/01/2016

I have seen more of England these last few years than I did in all my previous 86 years, thanks to DACT. I know that most of your customers feel the same and with the calmness and help from all the volunteer drivers and the organisation of the Office staff, everyone is very happy. The places we go to are great. Long may it continue. Robin (The grateful) Smith.

Posted by Joan & Leonard Pitt on 17/12/2015   Email

You're very special people and that's why this comes to say, sure hope you have a Christmas that's happy in every way. And when the New Year rolls around, here's hoping it will be the kind that's really wonderful and suits you perfectly. Thank you all so much for the good work you all do - we would be lost without you all. From 2 grateful passengers, Joan & Leonard Pitt

Posted by Debbie Marsh on 25/08/2015

I only found out about DACT last year, I have had a few things going wrong and I rely on them to get me to various appointments at the Hospital and the Doctors. All the staff are very helpful and they will do as much as they can to help. All the drivers are very friendly and very helpful I don't know what I would do if we did not have this BRILLIANT service. Thank You all so much fantastic service.

Posted by terry kitchingham on 19/04/2013   Email

I had 6 years as a volunteer driver & thoroughly enjoyed it,I met many interesting people. I would say to anyone thinking of becoming a volunteer,just try it. regards Terry

Posted by ANGELAN FRANK on 17/07/2012   Email

Just a short note to thank you so much for your professional manner and the wonderful kind driver - Bernie - that drove us to hospital yesterday! I am so glad that I along with several members of my famiy signed a petition to keep DACT running a while ago. Many thanks again