DACT provides MiDAS training courses for anyone that needs this level of certification to drive minibuses.  This is a National standard, widely recognised all across the country.

What is Midas?

MiDAS stands for Minibus Driver Awareness Scheme Training. Under the scheme drivers are trained and can gain the nationally approved certificate valid for a 4-year period. DACT provides MiDAS training for all its volunteer minibus drivers. In addition training can also be provided to drivers from external organisations, such as schools, youth groups etc. For drivers with licences issued post January 1997, Certification covers minibuses up to 4.25 tons GVW (including passenger lift) and with a maximum of 16  passenger seats (excluding the driver). For drivers with licences issued before January 1997, certification covers up to a maximum of 16 passenger seats also (excluding the driver), but there is no vehicle weight restriction.

What does the course cover?

MiDAS is a one day course that includes both a written test and a driving assessment. Drivers are first taken through the driving laws regarding minibuses and the driving skills  required to meet the MiDAS standard. This is followed by a practical session where the driver is made familiar with the equipment and controls of our DACT minibuses and then asked to undertake a driving assessment. Finally the driver will complete a written test. On satisfactory completion of the driving and written tests a MiDAS Certificate is issued valid for a 4-year period.  (Standard Certificate, SD)

There is an alternative higher grade to the course (Accessible Certificate, AD) for drivers who require training to carry passengers with special needs or disabilities,  eg. wheelchair passengers. The training involves learning how to handle wheelchairs safely, the care and support for those with disabilities and how to remove seating, anchor wheelchairs securely in the buses and operate the passenger lift. Again, the Certificate is valid for a 4-year period.

Where is the course?

The courses take place in Daventry at the DACT Training Room and using one of our DACT minibus fleet for the practical assessment.

What does it cost?

Please call the DACT Office for current rates.