Minibus Hire

DACT has 31 volunteer Minibus drivers and 7 Coach Built Minibuses to take community groups on a wide variety of trips.


What are our mini-coaches?

  • We have 7 coach built minibuses for general usage or wheelchair passengers, which are able to carry up to 15 passengers, excluding the driver
  • Bus interior configurations can be designed to meet various requirements
  • Every minibus has full height access and most have a passenger lift for the benefit of people with walking difficulties or those that need to enter the bus via a wheelchair
  • All buses with mobility lifts are fully equipped to  safely carry passengers that need to travel in their own wheelchair, as the seats are designed to be removable

Who can drive the bus?

  • The group hiring the bus can use their own driver as long as they are trained to the MiDAS standard.  The minibus cannot be hired by commercial/profit-making organisations or hired for activities (or as part of activities) that are profit-making. For example, this means that a private residential home, a private nursing home or a commercial business cannot hire the minibus.
  • Any non-profit community group is eligible to apply for membership of DACT

  • If you require a volunteer driver,  DACT  Mini-coach drivers are all trained to MiDAS standard.
  • In addition DACT have drivers that are trained to ‘AD’ level which means that they are trained to transport passengers who need to travel in their wheelchairs and use the passenger lift.

Where can the minibuses go?

Our buses can be hired to go to any destination in mainland Britain. However, in reality, for day trips the restriction is what distance can comfortably be covered in the day and how long the driver will be at the wheel.

It is possible to hire the buses for durations longer than 1 day. We do have a number of groups that hire the buses for periods of a week or more, particularly during the summer and even hire multiple buses.

Our buses are hired on the following basis:

  • 1 Session = Any 6-hour period
  • 2 sessions = Any 8-hour period
  • All Day

  • Week-end special - 6.00 pm Friday - 6.00 am Monday
  • Longer hire periods available - Please phone for details.

Flexible Hire sessions may be possible if they don't fit conveniently into the above session times. Please ask and we will advise.  The cost of hire is as follows:-

  • Bus hire - The hire cost for the bus is at a very reasonable rate, please phone for details
  • Mileage  costs –  charged based on Kilometres travelled.

In addition to the above charges a discretionary donation is usually made made to the volunteer driver to mitigate any expenses that may be incurred during the trip, such as purchasing refreshments.

Please contact DACT for further information, including estimated trip costs if required.

How does it work?

Please ensure at the time of booking you tell a member of staff if you are planning to take a mobility travel scooter as this may affect the seat configuration.

Typically, DACT drivers will pick up groups at a prescribed time from one or more designated locations. The driver will ensure everyone is securely seated and any baggage, walking aids and wheelchairs safely stowed.  The pick up time and location will be agreed with the driver. On return the driver will drop passengers off as requested. This may be back to the original pick up locations but may also include dropping passengers off close to their homes.

Our volunteer drivers are very friendly, flexible and accommodating and will want to make every trip as easy and as enjoyable as possible for their passengers.

 Bookings/Cancellations can only be made over the phone during office hours. Not by email.