Volunteer Car Scheme

DACT has 112 volunteer car drivers across the Daventry District assisting anyone who has difficulty using public transport to get to any medical appointments.

What appointments do we cover?

Basically any medical appointment, including:-

GP Practices, Health Centre, Hospitals, Dentists and Opticians

What area do we cover?

Our drivers will take passengers to wherever their appointment may be. Although most appointments will be for GP Practices/Hospitals in Northamptonshire our drivers also travel on a regular basis to hospitals in other counties, such as Oxford, Birmingham, Coventry and sometimes even to London.

 What does it cost?

Our drivers are all volunteers and use their own cars. So, although they are not paid for their services we do levy a small charge for all car journeys, to cover the cost of fuel and general wear and tear of their vehicles.

 Please phone for advice on the cost of your particular journey.

How does it work?

Typically drivers will pick you up in good time to meet your appointment time. You will be dropped off as close as possible to the required address/department. The driver will provide wheelchair assistance where required. As a guideline the driver will wait on-site or close by until you are ready to return home, unless the waiting time is likely to be for a prolonged period. If the time is prolonged the DACT Office should be informed and they will advise accordingly, but in most cases the driver will take you and wait to take you on your return journey. All our volunteer drivers are dedicated to ensuring that our passengers are given whatever support they need to make their trips as free of stress as possible. 

Who do I contact?

If you would like to use the services of our volunteers or would like more information, please contact the DACT Office and speak to a memebr of the team on 01327 701665 or 701666.