Donations                    DACT is a Registered Charity, No:-  1170448

We receive donations from many different sources ranging from an individual who gives a one-off amount, through to groups that organise coffee mornings and other fund raising events. In addition we have local clubs or organisations that nominate us as their chosen charity for the year.

Gift Aid is a tax-efficient way of giving to DACT. This allows us to collect tax back from the government. We already have a regular group of people who donate to DACT using Gift Aid. Gift Aid forms are available on request and are also included in our July & December Newsletters sent out to all of our car passengers and shopmobility users. Alternatively, you can download it by clicking this link.

Revised gift aid form 10 11 15.docx

You can donate by clicking on the icon below


DACT are now able to receive donations via PayPal or by Credit/Debit Cards.  Please click on the donate button below to follow this link.